48 Hrs full Movie review

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 48 Hours is the subject of our review (1982) Despite the fact that 48 Hours is ragged around the edges, it’s packed with entertainment. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, two of our all-time favorite actors, have wonderful Hollywood Silver Screen Magic. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte revealed in an interview that they hand-picked some of the actors who played police officers and some of the actors who played bad men because Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte were friends with some of these guys in real life. Many of Eddie and Nick’s script lines were improvised. Eddie and Nick, the director realized, would make the movie more believable and engaging.

After 48 Hours, buddy cop movies seemed to have a simple plot. While catching the bad guys, try to be as amusing and goofy as possible. There are many awful buddy cop films, but this is one of the best. Given that one is a cop and the other is a convicted felon, this isn’t truly a buddy cop film. I watched this movie a few days ago because it had been a while since I had seen it on cable television a thousand times as a youngster. The film is still good, and it’s one of Walter Hill’s best. In his first picture, Eddie Murphy is honing his on-screen presence. It wasn’t long until Beverly Hills Cop arrived. In this film, Nick Nolte feels like a tired detective. To me, Nolte has long embodied the exhausted private eye or detective. He just seems natural, with his scratchy voice and wrinkled, elderly visage. The picture is thrilling and taut, and it is one of the best action films of all time.


Time Duration – 1 hour 36 min

Main Actors –  Nick Nolte ,Jack Cates, Eddie Murphy, Reggie Hammond, Annette O’TooleE laine, Frank McRae ,Haden, James Remar,Ganz, David Patrick Kelly, Luther, Sonny Landham Billy Bear, Brion James Kehoe

Initial release: December 8, 1982 (USA)

Director: Walter Hill

Music by: James Horner

Budget: $12 million

Produced by: Lawrence Gordon; Joel Silver


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