9 Habits of Women Who Never Lose Their Attractiveness

But why am I starting this way?

First and first, I’d like to say that YOU are fantastic, and I’m glad you’re here. Seriously!

Because being gorgeous isn’t only about how you appear; it’s also about how much you love yourself. People are drawn to you when you love yourself, and they want to be near you. They seem to be drawn to you.

As a result, I wanted to start by encouraging you to love yourself.

Of course, I’ll be talking about a lot more than this, but I think it’s vital to start with this, and I truly hope you find the remainder of my thoughts and advice useful!

Side note: In the comments section below, let me know what you think about these recommendations and what you believe makes someone attractive. I’d love to hear from you!

1. Authenticity?

It’s difficult to be completely open and genuine especially when others (love interests, cowo kers, potential pals, etc.) have appeared to reject you in the past.

According to a 2019 study, folks who have long-term happy relationships act truthfully.

I KNOW it’s difficult to be yourself completely (I’ve tried and failed), but because I didn’t completely shut myself off and decided to open up again and reveal the true me, I was able to establish close friends and find the great husband I now have.

Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting that you should do this if you have a tendency to speak your mind and say things that can be hurtful.  It’s easy to see harmful habits as “we” or “a part of us,” in my opinion. But the truth is that we picked it up somewhere. Whether it was our mother or father (or someone else), it’s important to change those patterns and treat others the way we want to be treated.

2. Prioritize Yourself

Make time for yourself throughout the day, whether it’s through exercise, reading, self-care, or any other interest you enjoy. When you’re a beautiful lady, you have to put yourself first on occasion. This isn’t about being self-centered. It’s good for you.

It demonstrates to others that you can look after yourself and sets the tone for future partnerships. If someone who is a user wants to befriend you, they will be deterred if they perceive you have clear and healthy limits.

It also implies that you can assist others without exhausting yourself, and it conveys to others that your assistance is valued.

Finally, a self-assured woman with good boundaries is someone people like and regard as attractive.

3. Do you have a smile on your face?

People who grin more may feel happier, according to a 2009 study from Cardiff, Wales. People favored smiling looks in a 2013 study when faces differed simply in whether they were smiling or not.

Now, I’m not suggesting you have to smile, or that you should smile even if you’re having a bad day or just don’t feel like it. Not in the least! However, if you want to appear more attractive, this is an alternative.

Warmth, openness, and tranquility are all attributes of a grin. It definitely makes a difference.

5. Take responsibility

Rather than whining, learn to take responsibility for your mistakes, surroundings, and actions. Consider this: have you ever been around someone who constantly complains? Would you like to spend time with them in the future?

So, if you want to get away from this, take a 30-day challenge and don’t whine. Change your complaints into something you’re grateful for, and consider how you might take responsibility. I guarantee you’ll be happier, and people will want to spend more time with you.

6. Workout


Beauty necessitates upkeep, and exercise aids in the upkeep of the body from the inside out. You’ll not only look and feel better on the exterior, but you’ll also feel more confident on the inside. Start small if you’re new to exercise and figure out what form of activity suits you best.

You also don’t have to travel to the gym or do an at-home workout; there are a plethora of enjoyable ways to burn calories. Consider the following:

Swimming, Bicycling, Dance, party

7. Intelligence

An attractive individual has the ability to hold a meaningful and intriguing conversation.

And whether you’re dating or just looking for new acquaintances, someone who can hold a great conversation is simple to be drawn to.

So, attempt small things like reading interesting books or articles or watching fantastic documentaries. I can’t tell you how many times someone has held my attention with their knowledge of relevant issues.

8. Self-Appreciation

To be honest, it’s a sad but basic fact that if you despise yourself, you unconsciously assume you don’t deserve wonderful things. And good relationships can result as a result of this. As a result, by practicing self-love, you will increase your own self-worth and reject toxic people while attracting those who seek a genuine connection.

Start by writing down five things you like or admire about yourself every day. It’s something quick and easy, and I recommend giving it a try for three months.

You can also follow it if you WANT by opting to stop one SMALL negative behavior you have. Our unhealthy behaviors are frequently the source of our disdain for ourselves. You can also shatter it if you start small and keep consistent with it (doing no more or less). And after you’ve overcome this one small item, you’ll have the courage to change other aspects of your life. It’s as though it’s a snowball effect.

9. Pay attention to what others are saying.

People are more likely to trust you if they know they’re being listened to carefully because they understand that you’re not getting anything out of it by listening to them—it just shows that you care.

Also, how many times have you felt like someone wasn’t paying attention to you because they were zoning out or waiting for you to finish so they could say something else? Consider someone who has done the exact opposite; wouldn’t you want to spend more time with them?

It’s not just about what you eat or how you appear to be attractive; it’s also about how you treat others and yourself. And, fortunately, these are all basic behaviors that anyone can pick up!

Finally, in the comments section below, let me know what you think about these recommendations and what you believe makes someone attractive. I’d love to hear from you!


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